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8:30am Outdoor Worship – June 21, June 28, July 5, July 26
 As usual for our outdoor worship, we’ll be in and around the pavilion.

 We’ll arrange picnic tables and space for chairs, aiming for the goal of 6 feet or more between families. Please maintain that safe distance at all times.

 Wearing masks is strongly encouraged.

Consider your own health and the health of others. We ask you to stay home if:
* You are at high risk from the coronavirus pandemic:
* 50 years of age or more = intermediate risk; 70 or more = high risk.
* Any organ-system disease adds additional increased risk.
* You are running a fever, or feeling sick. Some covid-19 symptoms:
* Fever, cough, trouble breathing, congestion, fatigue, aches, nausea
* You have recently been exposed, or been to a place with higher virus spread.

Before coming to worship, we encourage:

* Contact the church office, 330-483-3873 or office@zionvc.org, to let us know how many will be coming from your family. This helps us plan for space and worship supplies.
* Bring a lawn chair for each person in your group.
* Bring your own bread and cups of wine / grape juice for communion.
* Remember to bring your mask.
* Use the restroom at home, to minimize exposure within Zion’s building.

While you’re at worship:
* Masked greeters/ushers will check temperatures, help you get a bulletin (no hymnals needed), place offerings in a collection container, and find seating.
* Some prepackaged communion wafers / grape juice will be available.
* Hand sanitizer and tissues will be available.

After worship:
* If you become sick soon after being at worship, contact the church office,
330-483-3873 or office@zionvc.org, and let us know. We’ll work to inform
others who were at worship.


Looking Ahead to Worship, with the Story of Job

This Sunday, June 7, also marks a couple of changes in our worship patterns.

One change is that we’ll be omitting the liturgy music (Kyrie, Hymn of Praise, etc.) entirely. Partly this fits with the simpler pace of summer. Partly it’s to get us ready for when we can gather larger numbers of people together for worship. Unfortunately, singing turns out to be one of the ways in which the coronavirus is most easily spread. So as much as we love music (Luther said, “Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world”), we’ll need to find ways to appreciate it without singing it all together.

A second change is that this week starts our first summer season with the Narrative Lectionary. This means that our worship scriptures will be multi-week explorations of different parts of the Bible. We begin with five weeks in the book of Job. One of the “wisdom books,” Job is praised for its poetic qualities and its rich, honest look at human suffering. It can be a difficult book to read, but it’s worth the effort! I admit that when I first saw Job on the summer calendar, I wasn’t thrilled. But as soon as the coronavirus hit and the effects of covid-19 and all our containment efforts started hitting, and especially with the recent focus on racial injustice, protests, and violence, I realized that Job’s story is directly relevant to our life today! I can appreciate now how Job will help guide us through the suffering we see all around us.

In the coming weeks, the worship bulletin will include an outline of the book of Job. I’ll also send you a full, easy-to-read version of the outline here. I hope it will help you keep track of where we are in the book, how it all fits together, and how we can understand its wisdom. You may want to keep a paper or electronic copy around to refer to.

And, if you’d like to view the whole worship bulletin for this Sunday, it’s available here.


Good morning Zion members and friends,

We’ve had a number of questions about Zion’s ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic. Zion’s Council has been working with a Health Team to make sure that we have the latest and best information about the state of the pandemic, and we’re gathering recommendations from experts and other church leaders near and far. We definitely want to phase back toward “normal” and include more people in worship and other in-person events! But until the virus is completely contained, we need to make sure that we take those steps in a way that keeps everyone as safe as possible.

Since there’s so much going on, and the situation changes every day, I thought it would be best to make a set of videos to explain where we are now, and where we might be going next. Council and others have now had a chance to see and give feedback on these, so I can pass them on to you. There are four “episodes,” which you can choose to view one at a time, or “binge-watch” all at once. Here are the individual episode links:

In addition to continuing our Sunday morning worship livestream, and looking at options we might be able to add in the near future, we will be offering another congregational survey soon. When that comes out, please take the time to go through the survey and let us know how you’re doing, any needs you might have, and your thoughts about which of the options we’re considering would be best for you and your family. 

All of Zion’s leaders are praying and working hard to mark out the best path forward for us. Each member and friend of Zion, and each person in our community, is a beloved child of God, and we want you to be able to hear that good news and use your gifts for God’s kingdom. Thank you for all your faithfulness and teamwork in finding our way in these times!

Pastor Jim Watson


Hello Zion members and friends! Please check the links below for updated Covid-19 updates and social distancing guidelines set forth by Ohio.gov.

Gatherings of more than 10 people are still prohibited. So I don’t think this changes anything we talked about last Wednesday and since then, but affirms the decision to hold off in-person worship for now. I’d like the congregation to be aware that starting now and into the future, the governor listed some mandatory measures (most notably, wearing masks when around other people) and best practices:

March 16, 2020

Hello, Zion members and friends. With new developments in Ohio and at the national level, we have decided to cancel most in-person Zion events. With the coronavirus pandemic spreading, we are acting in love for ourselves and our neighbors. The two practices that will be most helpful in the near future are: 

1. Washing your hands well – watch for more information on this, and other personal prevention measures. 

 2. “Physical distancing” – greatly limit the number of people you’re in close physical proximity to. This is the theory behind closing schools, banning dine-in eating in restaurants, and our own cancellations. 


March 16, 2020

At Zion, we are adapting to this new environment as well. Here’s what it will mean for us, effective immediately and until futher notice: 

* All Sunday services and Sunday School will be canceled. 

* All Wednesday evening activities will be canceled, including soup suppers, worship, Confirmation, Kids’ Club, Junior and Senior Choirs. 

* The Passion Walk will be canceled for this year. 

* Easter breakfast will be canceled, even if we’re able to restart worship services that soon. 

* All non-essential in-person meetings will be canceled, or replaced with a call-in or online meeting. 

* Communion instruction classes will be suspended, and a future Sunday will be chosen when our young people can receive their first communion with a full crowd. I will give times for all families to catch up any missed sessions. 

* Confirmation classes will also be suspended
. We are keeping April 19 in mind for Confirmation Sunday, but it may be necessary to reschedule that as well. Some classes will need to be scheduled after that date to make up for missed time. 

* In-person visits by me, Care Team members, and home communion visitors will be suspended. Currently, clergy are allowed to visit restricted institutions for end-of-life care. Please call my cell number if you have any pastoral care needs of any kind, and I’ll work on the best way to be present with you. 

* Zion’s leaders will be working on new ways for us to be the church while we can’t meet in person. Watch for more news, hopefully coming soon. 

* Offerings can be mailed in to the church any time, which will help Zion remain financially stable during this time. Additionally, we had already started the process of registration for electronic giving. Again, watch for more information soon about that option. 

* We encourage everyone to pray for all who are affected by the coronavirus and by the measures being taken to address it! 

* We also encourage everyone to reach out to others by phone or electronic means. Stay in touch, offer a prayer, or just tell someone you’re thinking of them. 

* Contact me, a Council member, or a Care Team member for special needs that you become aware of, yours or someone else’s. 

* We will try to keep Zion’s office open between 9am – noon on weekdays, but we ask everyone to limit personal contact to essential activities.